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harry potter and the deathly hallows – an unusual critic?

First of all I’d like to apologize for not posting as often as I’d like to. Considering I go to a university that revolves around bull shit it’s difficult for me to pimp slap everyone in the department and still have my hands free for blogging.

Second of all I hope you all pre-ordered your tickets to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows wherever you might be. The theatres around me are all sold out, it’s at a point where they’re cancelling other movies that night to make room for more showings of this movie. For those of us that grew up with the books it’s a very big deal.

(Call me nerdy if you like, you’re just mad you didn’t get your acceptance letter into Hogwarts, bitch. )

In all of the excitement people have been dressing up as their favorite characters and rereading the seven books leading up to this movie. I know they split of the movie between two parts because they know that people will pay to see each part individually and they therefore get more money that way; ┬áhonestly I’d sit there for however long it took to see the whole thing if it was just one giant movie!

However where there’s joy there’s that one person bent on ruining the fun in hopes of “educating” you about what’s “actually going on.”

My roommate introduced me to this woman who she’s heard speak a couple of times named Carol Kornacky (heard of her? apparently she’s famous but I’ve never heard of her before this??). From the conversation I know little, and yet just enough, about this woman to question whether or not anyone should be listening to this person.

Apparently earlier in her life she practiced witchcraft to cope with her highly dysfunctional/alcoholic family. [Psychology alert – the abuse she must have suffered could have led to various types of psychological disorders, I already see potential influence/bias]. Because of her suffering from her demons (that she summoned mind you) she, through the influence of a friend, went to church and soon found her way to Christ.

When it comes to Harry Potter she’s dedicated an entire CD to her feelings about it. During the filming of the latest movie, she “felt concern for the safety of the actors/actresses because of the direction they were given to pronounce all their lines and spells correctly.” She questioned why a scene director would encourage them to say the words perfectly unless the scene director felt like these words had merit to them when it comes to performing actual witchcraft.

Uhh, movie quality????
Does she realize how many nerds the director would have to face if they got anything wrong???

I have to admit that when I was told this that I was upset both at her and my friend that tried to convince me that her reasoning was at all logical. To me this sounds like just another case of “crazy, religious nut job bent on destroying literature out of fear.”

There’s a ton of assumptions that she had to have made in order to feel concern. Firstly she’s assuming that the “spells” from the Harry Potter books have some power behind them. If you’ve ever read the books and have any knowledge of Latin whatsoever, you’ll see that the “spells” are really just some base Latin translations with some sparkles added to it.

And as a former witch you’d think she’d have some idea of what constitutes as a legit spell or not, right??

Secondly in assuming the words indeed do have merit, she’s therefore assuming that J.K. Rowling is a witch. There’s no way Rowling could have come up with all those spells that just happen to all be real by chance, therefore she’d have to be a witch. (fucking stupid).

Thirdly the scene director would have to believe in witchcraft. (anyone else seeing this as highly unlikely and fucking ridiculous?) Not only would they have to believe in it, they would have to want harm to come to the actors. (again, what the fuck??)

This woman absolutely infuriates me. People just can’t let shit go, can they? They just can’t let anyone write/read anything without throwing in their bull shit can they? It’s time you learn the difference between fiction novels aimed towards children and your psychotic neurosis.

But considering I’m still hearing this from a third party I decided to e-mail her. She said that in order to answer all my questions (I asked one question, mind you) she’s gonna send me her CD about it. (she better not charge me for it, damn it, I don’t pay for headaches).

She says it’ll be sent out by this Friday. Until then I’m just going to enjoy the movie and ignore all of the uber religious bull shit that lifeless assholes love spewing in all film makers’ directions.