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I love cosmetics.

MAC Store in Glorietta Philippines


When I say I love cosmetics, I mean I have spent a vast majority of my money on products from Bobbi Brown, MAC, Urban Decay, NARS, bareMinerals, and Dior. I love being able to transform my face into something surreal.

Don’t judge me.
*cue judgment*

Cosmetology is a form of art that allows for a human canvas. It’s fun, creative, even beautiful. It’s why I despise it when people (read men) belittle it so. Hence I felt the need to respond to such arrogant assertions that I tend to hear in an attempt to ruin something fun and fulfilling.

“Men don’t like women who wear too much make up, it’s deceiving.”

You also don’t like women that are ugly, make your fucking mind up! Besides, since when did that male arrogance allow you to assume that you are the sole reason why women wear make up? A girl can’t decide to better her looks for herself?? It HAS to be for you doesn’t it? Don’t be a douchebag.

“I realize we have evidence that men have been wearing makeup for thousands of years, but this uniquely feminine manifestation of a clearly delusional daily process as a means of hiding your identity to potentially attract a mate, increase your social status or, least likely, to simply make you feel good about yourself is a level of oppression which makes me quite uncomfortable.”

First of all, what’s delusional about putting on make up? Since when did you need to suffer from psychological dysfunction to put on some foundation? That’s awfully insulting don’t you think?? And I don’t see how I’m hiding my identity either, considering my identity doesn’t consist of my pores and blemishes. It consists of my personality, my soul, my heart, and these wonderful tits of mine. Nothing more, nothing less. And if you’re going to call something oppressive, make sure the people who are actually putting on make up feel oppressed first; I most certainly do not.

“You must just hate yourself and dislike your face.”

Why would I hate myself? Does that mean every time you shave you’re going through a process of self loathing and torment? For the record I love my face. I love my nose, my eyes, my cheeks, my ears, and most definitely my mouth. (*smooch). It’s because I love my face that I try to do new things with it by trying on different looks. For the same reason I love my body, I love trying on new clothes that accentuate it.

“It’s all about natural beauty.”

Girls that go completely natural you automatically deem as ugly! Find me one girl that has never used anything man made in her life on her skin or hair and let’s see just how beautiful she is.

I like men with muscles, five-o-clock shadows and wondrous eyes but you don’t see me calling the vast majority of American males fat, delusional fucks do you?

I really don’t understand where this narcissism and male ego has arisen from. Do you really think our choices in our day to day activities revolve around you? I’m sorry to burst your man bubble but they don’t. In fact none of my day to day activities are done with a penis in mind.

Especially not your tiny one.