through the eyes of a deviant

tongue like a diamond dagger

Sarah Reed

That’s my generic American name. I’d tell you my “foreign” name but you’d have a hard type pronouncing it and I don’t like having my name butchered.

I get most of my inspiration from being pissed off, like most bloggers. I work as an engineer, which means I tinkle with giant toys and get annoyed when people ask me questions about them.

Side note: Yes, when you ask us basic things about your computer that we’ve explained countless times to you we will put you on a mental hit list and make you less of a priority as time goes by.

I tend to be annoyed by people who aren’t musicians trying to tell other people what’s music and what isn’t.

I do not endorse organized religion whatsoever. Keep that shit to yourself.

“The ethical behaviour of man is better based on sympathy, education and social relationships, and requires no support from religion. man’s plight would indeed, be sad if he had to be kept in order through fear of punishment and hopes of reward after death.”

If you tell me you’re vegan I’ll probably simply stop talking to you, because I think I’m at a point in my life where I don’t feel the need to have imaginary friends anymore.


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