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an unusual critic cont’d – disc one

If you remember from this entry a woman named Carol Kornacki has a thing against the Harry Potter series, and therefore sent me a two disc recording of her views on it. I’ve only listened to the first one as of yet and while this one gave me a brain hemorrhage just big enough to make me want to punch a baby, I’ll listen to the second one and also post my review.

While listening I took notes on some of the things she’s said. Often times I had to stop the CD to run to the nearest wall to bash my head into it. I honestly don’t think this woman has any idea what she’s talking about. I told this to my roommate (who gave her so much credibility) and she didn’t have much to say. Honestly after listening to what she said you can’t really refute the fact that this woman is a complete moron.

“I’m not here to attack J.R. Rowlings.”

Who the fuck is J.R. Rowlings? I’m pretty sure the author of the book is named J.K. Rowling, idiot. If you’re gonna sit here and talk about a book series you probably didn’t even read at least get the author’s goddamn name right!

“It’s not the books necessarily it’s the things attached to the books. I’m really talking to Christians.”

I waited for a while on this CD for her to actually talk about “things attached to the books” because I had no idea what she was talking about but of course it’s obvious she’s only talking about the people who feel Harry Potter could be a concern for their children. Other parents are actually happy that kids nowadays still find the desire to READ.

At this point in the CD she starts rambling on about what was written about in the previous entry (see link at top), and about the screen director’s need for the cast to say their lines accurate. She also talks about how she grew up in a violent, abusive, and alcoholic family which pushed her to learn about “Eastern religions” involving witchcraft. It’s also interesting to note that she first had the impression that Christians were crazy, as if it’s not all based on supernatural occurrences??

Jesus Christ is interesting. when people curse they don’t say ‘Oh Buddha!’ they say ‘Oh Jesus Christ!’. Our calendar/ number system is based from his birthday. America was built on Christian principles.”

First of all since when was cursing interesting? If someone is cursing in his name isn’t that blasphemous? I have nothing to say about the whole calendar bit either since it’s also quite irrelevant. But one of the things that pisses me off beyond all belief are the Bible thumpers that think America was built on Christian principles. IT WASN’T. That doesn’t even make sense!

Not only did our founding fathers vary in religion amongst themselves, a majority of them stuck to tenets from free masonry rather than those of Christianity. For those that can read you’ll notice how the word ‘God’ is nowhere in the Constitution. Excuse the bias so early in but this woman is a goddamn fool.

She also goes on to say that the Bible specifically says that we aren’t to concern ourselves with witchcraft and that reading Harry Potter at all is going against the Bible. Well the Bible says a lot of things that would therefore cut out half of our literary classics, does that mean we should just stop reading??

I’m just happy to know that Americans are still semi-literate enough to know about Harry Potter and to have read the series! I don’t think the Bible should be the only book anyone ever picks up!

Not to mention it’s a damn children’s book, lighten the fuck up! I don’t think you’re going to Hell just because you read a book. It doesn’t mean you’re dabbling in witchcraft no more than reading Twilight means you’ve become suddenly become a sparkling vampire with emotional problems.

“Harry is upset he’s with his horrible aunt and uncle and doesn’t know what to do. Why didn’t he go to Christ?” (referencing the plot of the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)

Because quite honestly no one would read it if it had to do with Jesus straight up. People read the Chronicles of Narnia because the biblical theme was hidden underneath something entertaining. Harry coming to Christ would all of a sudden make this boring, not to mention it was J.K.’s idea and she can do whatever the hell she wants! Why does every piece of literature regarding hardship have to revolve around Jesus? Show some fucking tolerance woman!

And to be real for a second, I’d much rather get a literal escape from that type of situation portrayed in the book than a figurative or spiritual escape. I’m not gonna have Harry suffer through mesothelioma from staying in that damn closet all his life, inhaling asbestos and getting bitched out everyday, and try to call that entertainment. If he went to Christ what then would be the plot???


“Now I’m being told it’s okay for kids to learn the dark deep secrets of witchcraft that took me 6 years to master.”

So what secrets about witchcraft are being taught through the Harry Potter books? Especially when the author said she doesn’t even believe in witchcraft? And if you notice, pretty much all the spells are just variations of Latin translations for what they do, it didn’t take that much effort to come up with what they should be called: reading Harry Potter to me is more like mastering Latin, not witchcraft.

I don’t know about you but I haven’t heard of any kids that grew up with the books (keep in mind if they did they would be my age now) that as a result went out and started doing real witchcraft. Nobody is conjuring up spells and summoning demons. Shut the hell up.

“What power causes kids to read HUNDREDS OF PAGES of Harry Potter, a book filled with witchcraft, but they can’t take ten minutes to read the Bible??”

“There were people that camped all night waiting to get into a bookstore to get these books when they were first coming out.”

First of all if you feel the need to comment on how many pages there are, that’s a shame. That’s not a lot of pages at all actually. And that power you’re talking about isn’t sorcery, it’s called great writing style. Most kids don’t want to sit there and read the Bible because let’s be honest; being told all the reasons why you’ll be condemned to Hell with stories attached to them is not attractive in a literary sense – it’s boring as hell. Kids barely want to read as it is, the only thing that’ll get them to read is something interesting!

“J.R. Rowlings (getting the name WRONG again) said she doesn’t even believe in witchcraft. She said she just made it up and it’s not real witchcraft. Well I’m an ex witch so I can say yes it is.”

No, you’re a jackass trying to pull rank when you’re clearly illiterate and have no idea that the Latin language even exists nor the name of the person that wrote the damn books.

“Have they talked to the people whose kids have played dungeons and dragons and may have taken their lives or the life of someone else?”

WAIT. WHAT? WHO THE… *stroke* How is that relevant first of all, and second of all do you not see a fucking epidemic in teen suicide in the LGBT community from Bible thumpers harassing them?!?!? That’s fucking ignorant and insulting that she would blatantly write that off! This bitch needs to get the FUCK out of here!!

“Reading about things like Harry Potter has made learning about Christ boring and unimportant to kids now.”

It was boring and unimportant long before Harry Potter, I think you’re just jealous. What’s wrong with reading? Something tells me she’s the book burning type.

“In Harry Potter they divide up wizards; good wizards and bad wizards. I can’t find such a thing as a good wizard in the Bible.”

And you think these books are based on the Bible because? Oh right because you can’t see past the one damn book you give any time of day to, that a book HAS to mention God in good light to get your approval; if it isn’t mentioned at all you’re automatically against it. In short, you’re moronic and illiterate!

According to this woman you might as well not read things like Animal Farm or Bram Stoker’s Dracula considering it was never mentioned in the Bible about your farm animals becoming organized amongst themselves or vampires correct?

“People will really defend Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Defend who C.S. Lewis was because the Lord of the Rings movies were a bit more gory than he intended them to be and the message was distorted a little bit.”

First of all C.S. Lewis did NOT write the Lord of the Rings; that was his friend J.R.R. Tolkien you illiterate cunt. C.S. Lewis wrote the Chronicles of Narnia, a story with VERY religious undertones. You have absolutely no fucking clue about what you’re talking about and your ignorance infuriates me!!

“I heard there was a child sacrifice in Harry Potter.”

Really? Where? Further proof this bitch didn’t even read the books!

She went on to say things that because America is the most medicated country  in the world we shouldn’t let kids read about “things that can suck happy thoughts from your mind.” She’s referring to Dementors, which keep in mind, DON’T EXIST and are obvious to kids that they do not exist. And if we were to even take what she said seriously, it’s not like the kid can’t bust a Patronus up in this bitch to cure his depression – cheaper than meds, no?

This is the end of the first disc, and I can say that I’m already highly disappointed in this woman and partially in my roommate for introducing me to her thinking that what this woman said was actually legit and should be listened to. She’s really not.

Stay tuned for the review of the second disc, right now I’m gonna pour myself some wine and watch Death Proof, one of Quentin Tarantino’s sexy works. ❤

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  1. Patience November 16, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    May GOD have mercy on you for your ignorance.

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