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tongue like a diamond dagger

chronicles of okc: dominant white male for sale?

One in five relationships now start through dating websites, says

However there’s one key thing to note: isn’t free. OKC just happens to be free, which means the true creepers lurk here. People who are serious about their love lives are willing to pay for sites like Personally I’m at a point where I’m not willing to pay for anything I can easily get for free.

Note: keep in mind that if I go on a date with you, it’s not necessarily because I’m just hungry and want free food; I might actually start to like you better on a full stomach.

This particular creeper made me laugh in his approach.

Him: You’ve got beautiful eyes.
Me: Baby, I know it.
Him: Are you open to dating dominant white men like me?


I want it to be known that race is never an issue with me (though I do often stereotype and therefore base sexual attraction on assumed penis size, sorry Asia). I’ve dated men of all flavors, but what annoys me is when men try to pull that “hehe I’m dominant” bull shit.

First of all who the fuck do you think you’re dominating? You’re a thirty five year old male nurse flirting pointlessly with a fiery, angry, twenty something year old Black chick – who the fuck do you think is wearing the pants in this situation?

Second of all, the very fact that you felt the need to mention that you’re White gives me the feeling that you’re particularly interested in African American women and therefore makes me suspicious that this attraction comes from some strange fetish associated with slavery. I’m not down for that shit!


Me: You seem to have gotten the wrong impression about me; NO ONE dominates me.
Him: Oh really? I like the confidence. So what do you do for fun? Where do you like to hang out?
Me: I don’t think you get it and I don’t know if coming at women of color and trying to assert your dominance is what gets your dick hard or if it’s worked in the past but I’m putting an end to that right now.  It’s very unattractive, insulting, and foolish and I’d rather end this conversation with you. Better luck next time?

Instead of allowing him to potentially throw racial slurs at me (like I expect him to, this always happens to me for some reason) I decided to do the blocking early.

Lesson – when it comes to personality, I’m the one in leather with the whip; not you.

And don’t you forget it.

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