through the eyes of a deviant

tongue like a diamond dagger

karma’s a bitch.

As a Buddhist I have a very strong belief in Karma.

That being said, I actually enjoy it when a blatant example of Karma lies before me. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad things: someone keeping well to his principles all his life, not hurting anyone, finally gets a break by winning the lottery or something? Beautiful.

But I feel just a tad bit more justified when people who deserve bad things happening to them actually get what they deserve. I crave it. Case in point, two of my friends.

These are the only two girls I know in my circle of friends that can, in the most legit way, be called dumb sluts and they’re both blond. Is it a dumb blond thing? I don’t know. I just know I’m sick of the bull shit.

The first one decided it was best for her to not date someone available, but to date her best friend’s boyfriend on the side, make him dump said friend, and then do nothing but screw him and talk him up as if he’s not some fake asshole who looks old enough to be her father, as if he’s not broke as shit and makes her pay for everything, as if she’s not just a side whore. The only reason he’s with her is some easy access to sex. Her justification? “I just wanna have fun…” Because that makes it right for you to hurt your best friend like that? She says she’s in love but she clearly has no clue what love is, especially when all they do is fuck. Her low self esteem pisses me off.

She always talks about how “bad” she feels about it. Bitch please! If you felt bad, you wouldn’t be with him. You wouldn’t have done it to begin with. Don’t fucking sit there and pretend like you’re not a moral-less fuck tard. The worst part about it is you’re trying to pretend like you’re in a legit relationship. You’re not. So stop wasting other people’s time because we don’t want to hear about this dumbass again and how you’re stupidly swooning over him.

The other one has been doing worse. She came to me all happy and giddy that she was sleeping with a married man and tearing apart a family. Another “victim” of low self esteem. Now? Pregnancy scare. And she really had the nerve to come to me as if I was going to support her and cheer her up about it? Fuck no.

I’m a GREAT person, and a wonderful woman. I don’t date married men because I hold myself to a higher standard. I don’t cheat, because I’m not a coward. I don’t need to take a man from another woman to feel better about myself. And the fact of the matter is I’m an amazing girlfriend to anyone I’ve dated and they all know it and they’ve all realized how much they fucked up. When my ex cheated on me he knew that he had fucked up with an amazing girl and he told me so. But he’s at a point in his life where he’d rather be with a jizz munching gutter slut than to put in effort with a real woman. Why? Because she’s easy, and I’m not. Because he’s a boy and I need a man. It’s that simple.

So naturally when I hear about girls willingly being the “other woman” and how happy they seem to be about it I get pissed off because they’re fucking stupid. They don’t realize just how little self respect they have for themselves. And while girl number two was like “I’m sorry about it though…” I told her I wasn’t going to accept that bull shit. You made the choice to be with a married man and you knew what you were doing. And now that you might potentially have to man up to your choice to be a whore you wanna cry about it? Not fucking three days ago you were grinning from ear to ear just because you finally got laid. Good job, get the fuck out my face with that shit.


PS/ One of my friends says the word “cunt” is the meanest thing you could call a female. I think I’ll say it more often.

PPS/ I went to the Rally for Sanity in D.C. with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and I had tons of fun, despite standing at the National Mall for over 6 hours. My next entry will be about the rally and the message it inspired.


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